For over 25 years Jerry has been involved with music having wrote and recorded over 60 songs. Jerry has sung for bands including  Bastard Squad, Midnight Bombers, Crawl, Deadfalls, The Mullets, Daddy's Little Swimmers, Bluenose and Last Call. Jerry has also lent out his vocals on back ups for Dropkick Murphy's and Vice Maker. 


Midnight Bombers, Dirty Business
2011 —Light Rail Records
The second full length album by the Midnight Bombers showcases the mixing of Karl Durfler (Tom Waits) and a song written by Billy Talbot of Crazy Horse fame.  The album is wrapped in a comic book done by Nathan Fox. 


Taking Out a Little Aggression
2009 — Doctor Strange Records
The Midnight Bombers covered the classic Oxnard band Aggression for this tribute with such notables as JFA and DI. Nicki Sicki of JFA even sang back up on the Bombers track!